A new phase of relief begins in Europe

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The head of the French Ministry of Internal Affairs, Christophe Castaner, said that EU countries should decide on opening borders in a coordinated manner. Meanwhile, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has already announced that the borders with the EU will open on June 3. In the Spanish Example, following the German Bundesliga, they are preparing for the resumption of the football championship. And in Holland, instead of the canceled Eurovision, a virtual music festival was held. In Europe begins a new phase of relief. What does he mean?

Now Spain is precisely under special observation in Europe. After all, large cities of all other countries are already at least at the first stage in quitting quarantine and are approaching the second. But Spain is following its own scenario. The epidemic developed especially. There are many sick people per 100 thousand inhabitants, and the number of infected doctors is more than 50 thousand. Most of the victims are in nursing homes. The epidemic deals the main blow to the developed and rich cities of the country. The head of government wants to propose a state of emergency to extend for a month.

“Already on Monday, most of the country’s population will begin the process of transition to normal life, which we called de-escalation. The exception applies to those areas that are most affected by the epidemic, and the two areas with the highest population density, which, according to experts of the Ministry of Health, do not meet the conditions for the transition to the first phase, “Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez comments on the situation.

Against the backdrop of good news from other countries, it is difficult to restrain oneself. But the Ministry of Health of the country is not retreating. The department has not forgotten how to build a temporary hospital here in Madrid, in the exhibition center, under the morgues they gave sports palaces. And resuscitation doctors worked in the corridors. Now the situation is finally stabilizing. But the regional Ministry of Health takes the side of local authorities. Either in the interests of health, or in the interests of the rich. After all, the rally of the Golden Mile quarter was first attended by a rally in Madrid. They ask to launch the first stage in the city.

While some are rallying, others are helping their neighbors. Special associations first collect food, then distribute it. The line is lining up early in the morning. These are not homeless and not poor, but those who have been left without work and now can just become them. In the “land of beaches and hotels,” hundreds of thousands of people worked at check-in, cleaned rooms, met tourists at airports, and guided tours. Now the hotels are empty, many restaurants are closed.

Listening to the stories of these people is not easy. It seems to them that taking food from strangers is embarrassing. But what to do when hungry children are at home, but there is nothing to pay rent?

“I never thought I could be here, but I am so grateful to them.” “They cut me, I don’t even have money for food,” the locals say.

A terrible economic crisis was added to the sanitary crisis. Europe has not experienced such a test since World War II. Because of the coronavirus, the Eurovision competition could not be held and postponed. This has not happened in the history of the song contest. The organizers organize a concert festival online. Most of the songs are songs of hope that life will certainly get better. Many now lack this.

The situation in neighboring countries can be very different. Portugal borders with Spain. But there the coronavirus has long been under control: sick and dead – almost ten times less. So from Monday, stage 2 is already starting. Shops with an area of ​​up to 400 square meters can open their doors, and the cafe occupancy rate will reach 50 percent.

Good news comes from the Vatican. The world famous St. Peter’s Cathedral is being prepared for the opening. True, large-scale sanitization is carried out first. In a monument of world architecture, antiseptics must be sprayed carefully.

Many in two months of horror (and in Italy they turned out to be just that) just want to pray. Of course, you have to keep a safe distance and possibly be masked. But the very fact of the opening of the largest Christian church in the world, believers consider a good sign. This is a return to normal. Which will definitely not be fast.

Summer 2020 will definitely become unusual. To get to the beach, most likely, you will have to download a special application. Its creation has already been announced in Spain and Portugal. Using data analysis, the application will tell you how many people are already sunbathing and where it will advise you on which safe place you should take.


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