A new ocean will appear on Earth: an entire continent is splitting

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have concluded that Africa will change significantly in a few million years. It will split in two, forming a new ocean.

There is one “hot” spot on our planet where an entire continent is slowly breaking apart. Thus, the Afar of the Nubian, Somali and Arab tectonic plates diverges. Over time, they will definitely disperse, making room for a new ocean.

Geologists will have the opportunity to study in detail all the processes that cause changes in the external appearance of the Earth. Lithospheric plates always move, but what makes them move is a mystery.

The only theory is that the mantle bubbles at the junction of three plates, pushing them apart on opposite sides.

GPS satellites allow you to monitor in detail the speed of movements and the process as a whole. Forecasts say that the formation of a new ocean will take 5-10 million years.


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