A new method for detecting cancer in the early stages has been developed

(ORDO NEWS) — Employees of the American company Grail from San Francisco have developed a unique test called Galleri. With its help, it is possible to determine the development of cancer at an early stage. A blood test can identify over 50 different types of cancer that do not have clear symptoms. The New York State Department of Health has already approved this method.

Reported by Precision Oncology News.

Experts say that this diagnostic method is completely safe and allows you to get more accurate results than a biopsy, in which a piece of a tumor taken from a patient is examined.

The Galleri test helps to detect all those changes that occur not only in the genetic code, but also in the cell-free DNA. They enter the human blood after certain processes begin to occur in the body, caused by the growth of malignant formation. Potentially, this method can be used in order to establish the presence of pathology at the maximum early stage of its development.

UK officials have already made a statement that a full-scale trial of the proposed cancer diagnostic option will soon begin. Specialists are going to examine about 140 thousand volunteers, whose age is in the range of 55-70 years. Anyone who wants to have a blood test and then invite them to retest after one and two years. After that, scientists will analyze the changes that have occurred during this time.


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