A NASA astronaut confirmed that the Sun is not yellow

(ORDO NEWS) — Absolutely all people on Earth believe that the Sun is yellow. At the same time, it becomes slightly reddish or saturated orange during sunrise and sunset.

As it turned out, our star emits absolutely the entire spectrum of light, which includes all the colors of the rainbow. People see the Sun as yellow, most likely due to the refraction of light.

In fact, the star of the solar system is white in color. Due to the atmosphere of our planet, it can appear yellow.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly wrote on his Twitter page that he can confirm the existence of this unusual space phenomenon. The light of the Sun actually consists of absolutely the entire spectrum of colors.

When it begins to pass through the atmosphere of our planet, first of all, the blue light is scattered, and the red remains. That is why people cannot perceive the blue light that passes through the atmosphere.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that absolutely all wavelengths of visible light become shorter when they hit the Earth.

That is why eye receptors are not able to distinguish all colors. In this situation, a person will not see blue, but yellow.

“Most of the ultraviolet radiation will be absorbed by stratospheric ozone. At the same time, water vapor and other molecules can absorb infrared radiation,” says Christopher Bird from Texas A&M University, USA.

This effect may explain why the Sun appears red in the morning and evening. At this time of day, light has the ability to spread much further, so almost all blue light is scattered, and red begins to be perceived by eye receptors.

“If the sun’s rays are directed through a prism, absolutely all the colors of the rainbow will emerge from its reverse side.

This is another proof that the Sun is actually white,” Byrd added.


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