A mysterious ray from the sky illuminated a mountain in Turkey for three hours

(ORDO NEWS) — A powerful yellow beam was seen at the Zigana Pass in the Pontic Mountains, near the Turkish border. Eyewitnesses compared it to UFO beams seen in sci-fi movies. Daily Star reports.

The locals watched the giant beam of light in bewilderment for three hours. They claim they have never seen anything like it.

A huge golden ray was seen at the Zigana Pass in the Pontic Mountains in Gumushan Province, near the border with Trabzon Province in northeastern Turkey. A rare phenomenon was recorded from the territory of the Zigana Gumuskayak ski center at an altitude of 2100 meters above sea level.

Eyewitnesses claim that a huge golden light shone on the slopes of the Zigana Pass from one point for about three hours.

Abdullah Eroglu, a spokesman for the area’s ski center, said they had seen a wide range of stunning views across the site before, but had never seen anything like it.

He added: “We always encourage our visitors to enjoy the unique views of Zigana. They were lucky to see the most amazing scene today. This ray of light fell on the slopes of Zigana for a very long time.”

“Some eyewitnesses compared it to a vertical rainbow. The guests of our center were very surprised to see this scene and immediately reached for their phones to immortalize this moment.”

Beams of light are a common sight in science fiction films, as they are often seen descending from alien spaceships to transport people, animals, or other objects of interest to aliens.


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