A mysterious object attached to the Ingenuity marsolete

(ORDO NEWS) — The flying machine Ingenuity attracted the attention of scientists. Watching a video taken during his last flight, experts noticed a strange object.

At first he was at the end of the leg of the marsolete, later during the flight of Ingenuity, he fell to the surface of the planet.

So far, no one can say what kind of object it was. Scientists call it a fragment of a foreign body (foreign object debris, FOD), writes The Sun.

Most likely, the stuck thing turned out to be one of the pieces of debris that Ingenuity’s companion, the Perseverance rover, left on the Red Planet during landing.

Previously, the network has already published a photo with his parachute lying on the surface of Mars.

Recall that Ingenuity and Perseverance ended up on another planet in February last year.

Initially, the rover was tasked with only five demonstration flights, but this little helper did so well that his mission was expanded – now he serves as a reconnaissance for the rover and flies several times almost every month.

Ingenuity flight video. It shows a strange object:


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