A mysterious new monolith appears on the British Isle of Wight

(ORDO NEWS) — Literally a few days after the monoliths were discovered in Romania and the United States, a similar structure was also found on the Isle of Wight. The facility has a beautiful mirrored structure and is located on the south coast of Great Britain.

Alexia Fishwick was walking along the beach and accidentally discovered a monolith, which she called “magic”. It’s worth noting that the monolith was found in Utah last month. A lot of discussion on this topic began on social networks, which led to the emergence of a huge number of imitators. Some of the users began to assume that these were just installations of an artistic nature that were made by sculptors.

A metal object in Utah was found right in the ground. A few days later, it disappeared without a trace. Two more brilliant designs were found in Romania and California. The find in England was not taken seriously at first, and many felt that Fishwick had simply photoshopped the picture. After the photo hit social media, many residents went to the beach to see the monolith with their own eyes.

Discovered on the Isle of Wight, the monolith is 2.2 meters high and 0.6 meters wide. It is worth noting that the responsibility for the monolith in Utah and California was taken over by an anonymous collective called “The Most Famous Artist”. A snapshot of the monolith from Utah was posted on Instagram. The photo also noted its cost, which reaches 45 thousand dollars. When this team was asked about the monolith on the Isle of Wight, he replied that he had absolutely nothing to do with this object.

On social media, news of the discovery of yet another monolith sparked heated discussions. Some of the users started joking that the monolith, which has its own social media page, could turn out to be a portal to other dimensions.


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