A mold that can think without a brain and eat oatmeal will be sent into space

(ORDO NEWS) — French researchers are about to send Blob slimy mold into space. During the experiment, they are going to feed her with oatmeal and observe how exactly microgravity will affect the mold organism.

It is worth noting that mold is capable of solving some problems, but at the same time it completely lacks a brain. However, these are not the only amazing abilities of the body.

This is reported by Science magazine.

Blob is a yellow colored slime that can easily spread over surfaces. It branches in different directions and thus creates unique and incredibly beautiful designs.

Mucus does not have a brain, but it can sleep, make all sorts of decisions, learn, and even calmly navigate the maze. Scientists were also able to establish that mucus is able to transfer its knowledge to other forms of mold.

Experts plan to send mold to the ISS in order to see exactly how microgravity can affect its growth, further development. Audrey Dussutour spoke about this. He also added that their goal is also to involve children in a variety of interesting science experiments.

Children from 5,000 schools will observe the behavior of the slime on board the space station thanks to the video, which is planned to be recorded automatically. They will also be able to compare samples taken on Earth and then in space. After a while, the mucus will be put into hibernation. She will continue to live in orbit.


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