A microchip has been created that repairs damaged body cells

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the US School of Medicine have created an innovative device that can realign skin cells into blood vessels and nerves.

Developers have previously adapted to transform special tissue cells into atypical stem cells. Then the acquired cells turned out to be tuned to other shapes.

This will allow solving the acute issue with the constant shortage of donors, since the development will allow the body to be more loyal to the implanted organs.

However, the developed chip remains the main obstacle – implementation. The introduction of chips implies complex technical and medical operations that require special equipment. In addition, the embedded chips, according to scientists, can form cancer cells.

As representatives of the School of Medicine explained, the innovation will have a very small effect on the immune system. Scientists just need to control that cells are introduced into the body once and for all, and not throughout life.

So the developments will help transplantologists to effectively deal with all the malfunctions of the body. If we improve the chips and instruments that will carry out the transformation of cells, it is possible to solve the problem with the use of donor organs and organs taken from the patient.


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