A man who has experienced clinical death understands the meaning of life

(ORDO NEWS) — A person who has experienced a near-death experience claims that in this way he understood the meaning of life. Now he is trying to prove that all people are interconnected and are part of a huge organism.

The biggest question for a long time has been the meaning of life. Many philosophers have discussed this topic, but a person who experienced clinical death says that he was given an answer to this question.

Rob proves that he was able to partially see the afterlife, where he was asked to understand what it really means to be alive. He spoke telepathically with strange creatures who told that all life on Earth is connected with each other.

Also, these creatures told Rob to convey a message to all of humanity.

All people are a part of a giant creature that constantly tests us. We repeatedly return to the past, because time and space do not really exist. We will return to the past until we understand what actually needs to be done in order to ascend to a higher state of being.

In turn, scientists say that such visions are just a burst of activity in the brain, which is looking for all possible ways to stay alive.


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