A man was looking for a diamond for the perfect wedding ring for three days

(ORDO NEWS) — Christian Liden wanted to propose to his girlfriend. He couldn’t find the perfect engagement ring in jewelry stores and decided to make it himself. To do this, Christian spent three days in search of a stone at the Crater of Diamonds in Arkansas. His search was crowned with success, he found a yellow diamond weighing 2.2 carats. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The Crater of Diamonds is a very popular place in America. Here, for just $ 10 a day, you can search for precious diamonds. The crater is located in Arkansas, and tourists from all over the country come here every day.

Christian found a unique diamond that weighs 2.2 carats. Experts have confirmed its value. It is a light yellow triangular diamond. It has a rare metallic shade and minor blotches. There is no second such diamond in the world. Drew Edmonds, assistant park manager and gem expert, spoke about this.

The cost of a stone on the market can reach up to 59 thousand dollars. Now Christian needs to find a jeweler who will give the diamond the right cut and make a ring.

This is not Christian Lyden’s first mineral exploration. Previously, he and a friend made a special installation at Yellowstone Park. With her help, friends found small sapphires.


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