A man warmed up a jacuzzi for himself, but a bear took his place

(ORDO NEWS) — Mason Treboni has long dreamed of relaxing in a house in the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, USA. Mountains, nature, jacuzzi… However, not only he had such plans!

They say about bears that they are ferocious and formidable, but it’s hard to believe it, looking at this bear in a jacuzzi

Treboni turned on the Jacuzzi heater and walked away for a couple of minutes. But when he returned, a brown bear had already taken his place! The man had no choice but to get his camera and remove such impudence.

As soon as the bear was in warm water, he relaxed, settled himself comfortably, and then began to enjoy the beautiful view of the morning sun over the mountains, enchanted.

However, the animal decided not to detain Treboni. After 15 minutes, the bear decided that he had warmed up, so he left the jacuzzi and went into the forest…

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