A man suffered from a cough for years and accidentally discovered the cause

(ORDO NEWS) — A Reddit user has been suffering from a cough for several years due to dirty bedding.

A guy with the nickname Rubricae98 told on Reddit how he accidentally found the cause of a cough that he suffered from for years. The young man admitted that the malaise disappeared when he changed the bedding for the first time in a long time. In the comments, users suggested why the guy’s body reacted so much to dirty laundry.

“For the past few years, I have suffered from a cough, as well as a stuffy nose and a runny nose. Initially, I thought it was the side effects of some medication I take regularly to keep a very powerful and potentially life-threatening disease at bay,” shared Rubricae98. He clarified that he did not take these symptoms seriously.

The narrator added that he does not follow the rules of hygiene very well, washes his hair irregularly and rarely changes bed linen. However, shortly before writing the publication, the guy did it.

The next morning he found that he felt better. “When I woke up, I breathed clean air, which I have not breathed for a long time. I just couldn’t comprehend how good this air was. And the cough is almost completely gone, ”wrote Rubricae98.

The discovery allowed the guy to conclude that his symptoms were associated with non-compliance with hygiene rules, and not with the side effects of the medication. “Years of lying on dirty, dandruff-covered sheets. Slept and lazy in his own filth.

So many napkins were spent [due to a cold],” the guy complained to himself. He advised users not to follow his example and be more careful about hygiene.

In the comments, many users recommended Rubricae98 not to stop there and to carry out further cleaning. “Maybe you should wash your pillows if you haven’t already!” — wrote one of the users. Commentators also speculated about the young man’s acute reaction to dirty laundry. Some have suggested that he is allergic to dust mites.


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