A man on a fishing trip had to run away from a three-meter alligator

(ORDO NEWS) — A video appeared on the Internet where a young guy on a fishing trip collided with a huge alligator. The fisherman’s name is Tommy Lee, he is 22 years old. He was fishing in the Everglades, Florida USA. In the midst of fishing, he had to run away from an angry alligator. A 3.4 meter long reptile suddenly emerged from the water and headed towards the guy as he headed towards the reservoir.

Reported by Vinegret.

The guy filmed the most dangerous meeting with a reptile. The recording resembles a scene from a movie. Tommy Lee runs away from the predator, falls to the ground several times, but manages to get up and in a hurry to retreat. At the same time, he could not turn away from the animal. It is impossible to lose sight of such a large predator.

After the guy managed to retire to a safe distance, he said to the camera: “This is what put an end to my catching tarpon … Wow!” After a moment, the young man begins to run away and scream joyfully.

If Tommy hadn’t brought his camera with him on a fishing trip, hardly anyone would have believed in his adventure. The guy says that in reality everything was much worse than on the record. However, he is very glad that he got into a similar situation and successfully got out of it. The video that he has uploaded to the Internet has already garnered hundreds of thousands of likes and comments with admiration for the fisherman’s courage.


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