A man miraculously survived in the ocean after spending 11 days in a freezer

(ORDO NEWS) — A sailor from Brazil spent 11 days in the ocean after his boat sank. Romualdo Macedo Rodríguez, who turned 44 years old, went fishing from the city of Oyapoca, located in the northern part of Brazil, in the state of Amapa.

He prepared very carefully for this event and was going to stay in the ocean for several days. At the same time, he could not even assume that his seven-meter-long wooden boat would sink.

When the boat unexpectedly began to sink for the fisherman, he immediately jumped into the freezer that he had taken with him.

Of course, such a thing may seem like real stupidity, but this careless step allowed the man to survive. Before the fisherman was rescued, he stayed in the open ocean for 11 days. Romualdo said that during this time he lost almost five kilograms.

“I was constantly afraid that sharks would come, because there are a lot of them in the open ocean. The situation with water was very difficult, but the freezer really saved my life,” said the man after the rescue.

Romualdo was found quite by accident. A fishing vessel from Suriname was sailing next to it, and it took the unfortunate fisherman on board. From the place where the man’s boat sank, the freezer was carried at least 450 kilometers in 11 days.

Not only was Romualdo completely disoriented and dehydrated. He also got sunstroke. Immediately after he was lifted aboard, the fishermen gave him water and food.

The police said that Romualdo was in terrible condition after his rescue, but despite this, he was in great spirits. He had several wounds from the sun, but gradually they became less noticeable.

The surviving fisherman added that the too high temperature and excess salt caused him to have serious vision problems.

The miraculous rescue did not end just like that. Given the laws of Suriname, he entered the country illegally, because he did not have any documents with him.

For 16 days, the man was in prison in Paramaribo and only then was he released home. Romualdo began to say that his return home was an incredibly important day.


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