A man in the afterlife was greeted by creatures with huge black eyes

(ORDO NEWS) — A person who has experienced a near-death experience is sure that in the afterlife he was met by strange figures in pitch darkness.

Steve worked as a security guard in New Orleans and was injured when the store was attacked by armed robbers. He began to quarrel with them and after that they shot at him, leaving him to die right on the floor. Doctors found Steve on time and were able to save him, but still for several minutes he was in a state of clinical death.

At the Near Death Experience Research Foundation, Steve wrote that he was in a place resembling a “black box” and more like a void. However, he did not feel anything. Steve was aware of himself, but he did not have a physical body. He wondered where he got to. After that, a long vertical line of light appeared. Then it began to open like a door. Two heads emerged from the hole and began to stare at Steve.

Both creatures had huge black eyes. They slowly left the hole, which then disappeared completely. The light began to dissipate and again the darkness itself remained. Suddenly Steve returned to the body, but he is sure that he managed to see a piece of the afterlife and now he believes that it exists.

Scientists, in turn, are not sure that the afterlife really exists and consider such visions of Steve to be quite normal. Dr. Sam Parnia talks about how the brain tries to hold out as long as possible before dying, which is why it gives out different visions. The reason for this is also that less oxygen begins to flow into the body, which leads to the shutdown of brain circuits.


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