A man found cards with Pokemon at home and got rich

(ORDO NEWS) — One of the inhabitants of England accidentally discovered very old cards on which various Pokémon are depicted. He put the find up for auction and received 19.4 thousand pounds for them, which is quite an impressive amount.

Reported by the Daily Mirror.

A man bought himself cards with Pokémon 20 years ago for only 30 pounds. From that time on they lay idle at his house. In total, two different sets were purchased – Pokemon Fossil First Edition and Pokemon Neo Discovery Unlimited. They gathered dust in the closet for a long time until they were discovered during the move. The man began to check their value to date and found that they are now worth a lot of money.

The auction house Hansons Auctioneers evaluated the cards and classified them as very rare. The cards were brought back in 2001 directly from the USA. After that, the Briton thought it would be the right decision to sell his find at auction.

For the first set, they managed to get 10 thousand pounds, and for the second – 9.4 thousand. In total, the man became richer by almost UAH 800 thousand.

David Wilson-Turner noted that Pokemon cards like these are very popular among collectors today. Over the past five years, their value has increased several times and continues to grow. As a rule, they are bought by wealthy young people no older than 30 years old who liked the Pokemon game as a child. With the Pokemon franchise celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, the price of the cards could increase even more.


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