A man fell down the stairs and visited the afterlife

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — A very unusual story happened with a man named Brian in 2013. It was published on the website of the “Font of Studies of Near Death Experiences” website. According to the man, on November 9, he fell from a rather high ladder, and very soon he visited some amazing world.

After the fall, Brian passed out. At first it was quiet and dark how long it lasted – the man does not know. After some time, something supernatural happened. The man heard a voice, kind and loving.

After a moment, Brian was in a well-lit room, where he saw his staircase and fall from it. Also, the man saw some fragments from life.

After life pictures, the victim was transferred to a bright multi-colored dome. He compared it to a soap bubble around which people sat. The man did not see the faces, he only felt the love that emanated from them.

Suddenly, Brian returned to the living world: he felt the wet tongue of his puppy, which licked the owner. After the incident, the man believes all the words of people who have been on the verge of life and death. Brian knows for sure that going out of the body, going into darkness, going out into the world and a sense of peace in the other world do exist.

Many people say that they felt good after death. Brian cannot but agree with this: indeed, it is comfortable there.

Brian was asked some questions. For example, someone inquired whether there was someone left in the world who needs to be taken care of. The man replied that he had a daughter. Perhaps this is precisely what influenced the further development of events.


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