A man and a woman who met for several years turned out to be relatives

(ORDO NEWS) — The lovers who met for six years passed a DNA test and found out about their relationship.

A Reddit user from the United States said that she and her lover passed a DNA test and found out that they were relatives. The story of the couple drew the attention of the publication The Mirror.

The 30-year-old woman said she found out she was adopted as a child while in high school. This fact helped her to get closer to her lover, who, as it turned out, also grew up in a foster family.

The couple dated for six years and planned a joint future. One day, young people decided to take a DNA test to find out more about their origins.

The test showed that the man is her brother.

“We have a wonderful relationship. We understand each other perfectly. We quickly became attached to each other.

I have never met a person with whom I felt so close.

Now I understand that all this is because he is my own brother, ”said the woman who learned about the relationship with her lover.

For six years of marriage, the couple did everything that lovers usually do. They confessed their feelings to each other, had sex, celebrated significant dates and introduced each other to their parents. “I’m glad we decided not to have children,” she said.

At the time of writing the post, the woman only learned this news and was scared.

“I haven’t told my boyfriend yet. I really hope this is a mistake, but things are falling into place now.

We were always told that we are very similar, or that he is the male version of me, ”she said.

Later, the woman published an addition in which she said that she showed her lover the test results. He suggested not to panic and not make hasty decisions until the retest results are ready.

Users expressed their sympathy for the couple.

“It must be terrible to be in such a situation,” wrote one of them.

“It’s very sad. I can imagine how hard it will be to deal with this, ”said another.

Some commenters suggested that the couple should not break up, given that they are not going to have children.


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