A lost fragment of the Dead Sea Scroll was found in the USA

(ORDO NEWS) — The Dead Sea Scrolls are papyrus, the age of which reaches approximately 2700. For a long time, scientists believed that one of its fragments was lost without a trace, but it was still possible to discover this valuable artifact completely by chance.

Fragments of ancient manuscripts are called the Dead Sea Scrolls. They were found in 1946-1956 in several caves located on the shores of the Dead Sea. Manuscripts were written on papyrus or parchment.

In total, the collection includes 972 ancient documents. It is interesting that the manuscripts are written in different languages, including Aramaic, Nabatean, ancient Hebrew, and Greek.

Scholars have divided all manuscripts into three different categories. One of them is related to biblical texts, and the other two are considered texts that did not become part of the Bible. Ancient records date back to the time of the Second Temple.

One of the fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which belonged to the First Temple period, was considered lost for a long time. It was discovered completely by accident in the state of Montana, USA.

The owner of the artifact said that the papyrus had been hanging on the wall in a frame for almost 60 years. He received it from his mother, who received the ancient manuscript as a gift during one of her visits to Jerusalem in 1965.

According to the researchers, the discovered fragment is very mysterious, because it literally consists of four lines taken out of context.

They are written in the ancient Hebrew language. Scientists have suggested that the complete text could have been an instruction manual for whoever would own it.

The name Ishmael is mentioned in the manuscript. In biblical times, it was very popular and deciphered as “God will hear.” In the Bible, the name Ishmael was first given to the old son of Abraham and the slave Hagar. After some time, it began to appear very often in the Holy Scriptures.

Scientists analyzed the artifact and determined that it is real. Its approximate age reaches 2700 years. Presumably, the papyrus was taken from the same place as all the other Dead Sea Scrolls. Today, the unique find is kept in the Israel Antiquities Administration.


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