A little girl told her mother about her friend from a past life

(ORDO NEWS) — Many believe that young children can partially remember their past lives. When children start talking about it, it looks not only very strange, but also frightens adults.

One TikTok user named Frederica told a story that happened to her daughter some time ago. The woman told her daughter that her friend had a baby girl and she was named Esther.

The little one, who turned four, began to insist that Esther must have the surname Mervyn, because she once had a friend who was called that. The girl also said that her friend went to prison and it happened around the beginning of the 20th century.

Frederica got very scared and began to ask her daughter about this friend. The girl, in turn, said that all this was so long ago that, most likely, her friend had already died.

Under the uploaded video, users immediately began to write comments to whom their children also told stories about their past lives. They added that many children remember a past life, but gradually begin to forget it by about the age of five.


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