A little boy dies from a rare disease in the US

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(ORDO NEWS) — On September 5, it became known that a child infected with primary amoebic meningoencephalitis was admitted to a local hospital in Tarant County, Texas. Infection is extremely rare and fatal. She was named Naegleria fowleri ameba. The boy could not survive and died right in the hospital on September 11.

This is reported by MedicalXpress.

After health officials learned of what had happened, they immediately began to investigate the incident. As a result, all the fountains in the city were closed. After analyzing water samples in Don Misenhimer Park, it was officially confirmed that they contain the dangerous amoeba.

Experts have analyzed the water from four different fountains at once, as well as the Beacon entertainment center. The results showed that employees not only did not register on an ongoing basis, but also very rarely checked the quality of the water, although this procedure should be daily. When the audit was carried out, it turned out that on the days when the child visited the park, there was no documented chlorination of the water.

Authorities noted that the drinking water in Arlington shows no signs of infection. The fountains in the park have special equipment that prevents water from returning back and helps isolate it from the city’s water supply system.


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