A little boy confirms that he was the President of Sri Lanka in a past life

(ORDO NEWS) — A peasant boy, who was only two years old in 1999, tried to convince others that he was the former president of Sri Lanka, Ranasinghe Premadasa. A huge number of people, after his words, began to come to the village to see the boy, whose name is Vijbakhu, reports the Epoch Times.

When the boy was one year old, he told his parents that he did not like the name Vijbakh at all. In addition, he very often pointed to the image of the former president on local coins and said that he was one in his past life. He also spoke repeatedly about his children and wife.

What is surprising is that he really looks like the former president. In addition, he constantly gets up at three in the morning and prays with his legs crossed.

Once he was brought to Premadasa’s residence and no one doubted that the child here knows everything very well. Friends, as well as associates of the former president, approached him to get acquainted, but the boy recognized many very quickly.

He also perfectly remembered the place where he died in a past life. When he got to the scene of the crime, he began to cry and say that his killer was called Baba. This information has indeed been confirmed.

It is worth noting that Premadasa was killed in 1993, and Vijbahu was born four years later.


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