A letter in a bottle was found on a Canadian beach, probably from the Titanic

(ORDO NEWS) — The Canadian province of New Brunswick surprises with its findings. So on one of the local beaches they found a message in a bottle. The container is perfectly preserved, as are its contents. There was an unusual message on the barely yellowed sheet of paper. The Dieppe family found a letter in a bottle.

Journal Demontreal reports.

This find was studied at the Laboratory of Archeology and Heritage of the University of Rimuski, Quebec. The letter stated that the message was being thrown out in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The ship is due to arrive in New York in a few days. If anyone finds this bottle, let him give it to the Lefebvre family, who live in Lievain. The letter was dated April 13, 1912 and signed by Matilda Lefebvre. Two days after that date, the Titanic collided with an iceberg and sank.

The author of the letter was 13 years old at the time of the accident. It is known about the woman that she was born in France in the city of Lievin. The Lefebvre family sailed to the United States to reunite with their father there. Along with the girl, her brother and two sisters were aboard the Titanic. All were third class passengers. During the shipwreck, none of them remained alive.

Scientists have found that paper and ink are indeed over 100 years old. Expert Manon Savard is sure that the letter is real. Another expert, Nicolas Baudry, is not sure about the authenticity of the letter, since the manner of writing differs from that of those years. Experts also doubt that the bottle could have sailed from the Atlantic to the coast of Canada, the probability of such a case is 1 in 100 thousand.

After examining the letter, the scientists returned it to the Dieppe family. Whether they will put it up for auction or keep it as a souvenir is still unknown.


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