A landslide in Alaska can cause a giant tsunami

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists do not stop warning that the scale of the cataclysm is extremely large. Tsunami can go down in history and take first place in scale.

Scientists have been monitoring a landslide located between two glaciers in south-central Alaska for about two years. There was some slowdown, but in August 2022 the movement continued.

Due to the fact that it is extremely dangerous to be on the water near the accident site, it is difficult for scientists to calculate its mass.

But, the displacement estimate is at least 500 million cubic meters, this piece is located on a slope in Prince William Sound.

According to scientists , it is this slope that is considered one of the most unstable in recent decades. At the end of August, ADGGS scientists discovered that the movement of the landslide had accelerated. The place of deployment was changed.

Previously, a NASA study was conducted, according to its results, a tsunami should be expected if such a mass falls into the water.

According to scientists, the scale can be compared with the event in the Gulf of Lithuania in 1958, the landslide triggered a tsunami whose wave height was 500 meters.

Researchers are constantly monitoring the Barry Arm landslide, warning that a collapse could happen at any moment.

Every day, the landslide moves by a couple of centimeters per day. What is considered a fast pace. Due to the lack of understanding of the size of the landslide, it is difficult to predict the scale of the problem.

Expert Dave Petley notes that scientists do not have enough information to predict the behavior and movement of the block.

The thickness of the moving mass is still unknown, because it is difficult to get to the right area, it is not clear how to get such important data.

ADGGS staff so far predict that the tsunami resulting from the collapse of the landslide into the water is unlikely to cause damage to the cities located near the site.

But the threat affects everyone who works and vacations in the Whittier area. It is likely that the tsunami will affect the cities in the northern part of Prince William Sound.


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