A huge underground city was accidentally found in Turkey

(ORDO NEWS) — Stories of accidental finds always arouse a lot of interest in people.

So, for example, one Turk discovered an ancient underground tunnel by accident while renovating his house. The man wished to remain anonymous.

The case was in 1963. The man started repairs in the basement. To begin with, I wanted to remove the old material from the walls. To do this, he took a hammer and went to plaster the plaster.

At the first impact, the wall in the basement crumbled, and he saw a tunnel. Later it turned out that this is a huge ancient city . This underground complex is called Derinkuyu.

The underground fortress was abandoned for many centuries. It is quite large in terms of its size and leads 18 floors deep. Scientists say that up to 20 thousand people can live in it.

Archaeologists , who arrived at the site, carried out a long work. They found schools, markets and houses in the underground city. This place is now open to visitors.

Experts said that the city was not carved out of simple rock, but volcanic. In its architecture, miso resembles a man-made anthill.

The date of establishment of the settlement is approximately 7-8 centuries BC. Representatives of the ancient Indo-European culture carved the fortress.

In AD 395-1435 it was a successful city with wells, water channels, and developed trade.

At first, the huge underground complex was used as a storage facility, but later it was expanded to the size of a large settlement.

Historians say that the first Christians lived here in the period from the 7th to the 11th century. They hid in an underground city from the Romans, who persecuted them during the Arab-Byzantine wars.

In different years, the place was a refuge for representatives of different cultures. And today this place receives thousands of tourists every day.


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