A huge squid washed ashore in New Zealand

(ORDO NEWS) — In New Zealand, a giant squid was found on the beach of the Golden Bay, the length of which was almost 4 m. The photo of the unique mollusk was published by the tourist guide Anton Donaldson.

The guide said that the tourists were extremely surprised by what they saw.

“Many people see something like this only once in their life, or even never. Such large molluscs are not found on all beaches.

“One of the reasons is that organic material cannot be stored for long periods of time on the coast,” says Donaldson.

The dimensions of the sea creature were really huge – almost 4 meters long. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the squid lacks part of the tentacles.

Most likely, they were bitten off by some other inhabitants of the ocean. It could be a small shark or fish.

Giant squid is considered the second largest mollusk on our planet. Only the Antarctic giant squid has the largest size. Some individuals can grow up to 13 meters.

Despite the fact that squid live everywhere on our planet, it is very rare to meet them in the natural environment.

Molluscs live in the oceans at a great depth, which in some cases can reach a mark of 1000 meters. Sometimes the depth of residence can be somewhat less, 300 or more meters.

An interesting fact is that until 2005 it was not possible to photograph a giant squid. In 2006, the first video appeared, which was filmed in the immediate vicinity of the Japanese islands of Ogasawara.

Experts from National Geographic said that giant squids have incredibly large eyes. Their diameter can reach 25 centimeters – the size of an average plate.

Some scientists theorize that eyes may have evolved over time to allow squid to see reflections of bioluminescent light from prey at great depths.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that squid is the main diet of sperm whales. In some cases, they were even found in the stomachs of killer whales, minnows and sharks.


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