A huge pyramid was discovered on the surface of the moon

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The American Apollo program is a rather interesting event. During its existence, manned flights to a satellite of our planet were performed, which made it possible to discover something interesting.

In the photographs obtained as a result of the mission, archaeologists from the Internet were able to see a huge pyramid on the surface of the moon. The picture with this pyramid was obtained directly during the next Apollo 12 mission, which was conducted by American experts.

Ufologists have repeatedly asked NASA to comment on these photographs, but no explanations or statements have been received from experts anyway.

The Apollo 12 mission began in November 1969. This was the second man’s flight to Earth’s satellite, during which people landed on its surface. The pictures taken during this mission have an approximate scale of 1: 2,000,000.

Despite the fact that the duration of the mission was not very long, to this day there is a huge amount of controversy surrounding it.

Some experts are sure that the Americans did not fly to the moon, and the photos provided are just a montage. Others say that on the satellite, the researchers saw something that made them forget about flights to the moon in the future.


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