A huge pyramid moves independently along the bottom of the ocean

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scott Waring, who is a popular ufologist, again looked at satellite images and noticed something unusual. The researcher saw a huge pyramid near the coast of Japan, which moved and continues to move further directly along the ocean floor.

The ufologist made similar conclusions after he found some marks next to the pyramid, the width of which reached 20 kilometers, and the length – over 650 kilometers. Waring is convinced that this is an alien ship that, many centuries ago, landed at the bottom of the ocean and for all this time has traveled a path of 650 km.

The ufologist tells Internet users to pay attention to what aliens can have technology to create such an interesting and mysterious object. Perhaps, inside the discovered pyramid some technologies belonging to the aliens are still preserved.

Waring is sure that this object must be investigated without fail, because it has caused a huge number of questions, which have no answers. Of course, research will require a lot of money and if the study of the pyramid does begin, then, most likely, all the materials received will be strictly classified.


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