A huge ozone hole suddenly disappears over the Arctic

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — All living things on the planet from harmful solar radiation are protected precisely by the ozone layer, so it is not surprising why scientists are so worried about its safety. According to experts from the Institute of Atmosphere of Copernicus, recently a huge ozone hole has disappeared over the Arctic.

Education did not move south, so it did not pose a threat to people. Now you don’t have to worry at all. Surprisingly, in all respects, the ozone layer was supposed to continue destruction. So, this year the polar vortex was one of the most powerful and coldest. Such air currents form stratospheric clouds that destroy ozone due to interaction with CFC gases.

The ozone hole was spotted back in 2011. Scientists plan to conduct research to find out what is connected with its disappearance. The hole was one of the main factors of warm weather in winter in Europe. It was also the reason for the increase in the amount of ultraviolet radiation in Alaska, in Canada, Greenland and parts of Russia.

Now experts are trying to understand what to expect summer in the northern latitudes due to recent events.


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