A headless statue was found in an ancient Mayan city

(ORDO NEWS) — The statue, which was found in the ancient Mayan city , looks very unusual. She has no head, arms and legs.

The product itself is carved from limestone, it is 1.53 meters high. Archaeologists say that it is most likely an image of Yam Kib, the god of fertility.

The statue was found in the city of Oshkintok, in Mexico. The National Institute of Anthropology and History is conducting excavations there.

Diego Prieto, general director and curator of the archaeological mission, says that such decapitated statues also represent warriors who fell or were captured in battle.

Now it is difficult to assert something, it is necessary to investigate the find more.

Excavations are not going to stop here, scientists hope to find many more valuable artifacts.

They will help to learn more about Mayan customs and life, attract even more tourists and the attention of the world public.

The statue was found lying on its back. It is still difficult to answer the question, “what does the figure represent: a deity or a warrior?”.

Pectorals are visible in the abdomen, which still need to be studied and deciphered. A part of the male genital organ has been cut out in the groin area.

Historians say that Oshkintok has always been rich in limestone, but poor in fresh water. Findings discovered during excavations indicate that people lived here as early as 1500 AD.

It was a major center in the postclassic period of Maya history. Even then, local residents knew how to build pyramids, were engaged in iconography and hieroglyphic writing.

The Maya were an advanced civilization with their own culture and rich history. Many of the rituals of these ancient tribes seem cruel today, but it was the norm back then.

For what reason the city died out is still unknown. It could have been famine or war that caused the destruction of Oshkintok.


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