A hare was spotted in the panorama of Google Maps

(ORDO NEWS) — One user of the Reddit portal drew attention to a certain Schrödinger hare, who somehow at the same time found himself in two different points on Google panoramas. In some picture, the animal was frozen in the air.

A video with a “glitch in the matrix” was posted the other day by a user with the nickname HellsJuggernaut.

First, the hare was seen in the Polish town of Biala Droga on the road, and a moment later – levitating in the air. It is worth noting that the animal hung too high, so it definitely could not jump.

Netizens began to wonder how this is possible. Some determined not a very happy fate for the eared one: perhaps he was hit by a car, and he bounced so high off the hood.

It is possible that it was a Google machine. The second version, less real, says that in the same area there were several identical hares. The rest of the theories, one might say, are partly fantastic.


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