A hail of human teeth fell on a man

(ORDO NEWS) — A man discovered hundreds of human teeth while renovating a store.

In New Hampshire, USA, a man was removing an old ceiling while renovating a store and found hundreds of yellowed human teeth. A user named Byron Carr wrote about this in a Facebook group dedicated to the state.

According to the man, the incident occurred in a store that was built in the 1960s. One of his employees was dismantling the display case and the ceiling, and at some point several teeth fell on him.

“Holy saints,” he exclaimed, and descended the stairs with five yellow teeth in his palm.

He returned to work and was soon bombarded with a hail of several hundred teeth. The boss of the author of the post said that in the 1950s, a dentist’s office was located on the site of the store and, most likely, they encountered his legacy.

Carr noted that one of the teeth could have belonged to him, since he went to the doctor in this office.

He added that the dentist looked like the film director Alfred Hitchcock, and the atmosphere during the appointment was extremely unsettling.

The men suggested that the teeth could have been left in a gap in the floor when the doctor swept the floor of the office after a day’s work.

Earlier it was reported that near the town of Oswestry in the British county of Shropshire, they found the so-called witch bottle with a human tooth, hair and urine.

Witch bottles have been used as amulets in Britain and the United States since at least the beginning of the 17th century.


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