A grain product that is better to completely remove from the diet

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) —  Most experts believe that it is premium bread that is the most dangerous grain product for health. There is no dietary fiber in white bread, and the B vitamins are completely absent. This product does not bring any benefit to the body and can only harm it.

“Premium flour does not have protein embryos, which contain the most beneficial ingredients. It does not have the most valuable, therefore there is no benefit from such bread, ”says gastroenterologist Galina Bartashevich.

White bread has a lot of carbohydrates, sugar and starch. Compared with rye bread, the second is more useful. But here, not everything is so simple. There are a lot more vitamins and minerals in rye bread, but at the same time it contains a lot of baker’s yeast. The best option, according to most experts and doctors, is considered to be “gray” varieties of bread. In it, rye flour is mixed with wheat in a certain ratio.

Many questions also arise as to whether hot bread can be consumed. Some experts say that bread should “breathe” for some time. During this time, presumably, the yeast ceases to multiply, and due to this, the product becomes not only more useful, but also dietary. At the same time, some nutritionists are confident that the yeast is not afraid of high temperature and does not die during baking. Therefore, bread can be eaten immediately after it is ready and does not have time to cool.

In any case, eating a large amount of bread is not worth it. It is best to give preference to those products that are made from mixtures of different types of flour. They contain more useful components and do not harm either health or figure.


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