A glacier in Alaska suddenly began to move very quickly

(ORDO NEWS) — More recently, one pilot noticed a very strange phenomenon above the park that houses the tallest mountain in the United States, Denali Park. A very unusual relief has formed around the glacier. It was later confirmed that the glacier is currently experiencing a glacial surge.

Usually, during such periods, the glacier develops a much higher speed, which can increase by 10 times.

Such natural phenomena can create even greater changes. But changes await not only the glacier, but also people, because earlier more than 1000 people were planned to climb on Denali, and now the route has become inaccessible, because it is he who passes through the dangerous territory.

But scientists also made a statement that this natural phenomenon has nothing to do with climate change.

In addition, we managed to learn a little more about Antarctica. It is there, due to climate change, that as many as 500 thousand square kilometers of the glacier may end up in the sea. And new research has made it clear that just 4 degrees Celsius difference from pre-industrial levels is enough for that to happen. It turns out that under such conditions 34% of the ice shelves that only exist in Antarctica can disappear.


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