A girl with a very rare pathology was born in India

(ORDO NEWS) — A baby with embryos was born in India. The case is truly unique, as 8 embryos were found inside the child.

These were unborn brothers and sisters that surgeons were able to successfully remove surgically. In medicine, such a pathology is called fetus-in-fetu, which translates as an embryo in an embryo.

The woman gave birth to a daughter on October 10, 2022. The birth took place in a public hospital in the city of Jharkhand in India.

The child’s mother wished to keep her name a secret. Doctors also do not reveal the details of the event. However, this case will surely enter the medical textbooks.

During one of the routine examinations , doctors discovered a strange tumor in the baby’s stomach. Then the girl turned 21 days old.

The surgeons advised to operate on the newborn immediately. The neoplasm could harm the baby’s health. The doctors could not even think that it was not a tumor, but embryos.

The size of the unborn siblings ranged from 3 cm to 5 cm. They were inside a cyst in the child’s abdomen.

The emergency operation went well, everything went without complications. Mother and daughter will be home soon.

Fetus-in-fetu is a very rare phenomenon in medicine, and such a large number of embryos in general is almost the first time that it has been officially recorded. Usually, an embryo in an embryo occurs in one child per 500,000 newborns.

Scientists say that pathology occurs under unexplained conditions. In a pregnant woman at an early stage during the development of identical twins, one of the embryos may begin to receive more nutrients.

Then the others stop developing and are absorbed by those who are stronger.

Today, any clinic can operate and save the dominant twin. But in ancient times, such children died early or grew up all their lives with a tumor in the stomach, which caused a lot of inconvenience.


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