A giant triangular UFO flew over New York

(ORDO NEWS) — On January 16 this year, a New Yorker noticed three “stars” in the night sky, which were very bright. They resembled the corners of a triangular-shaped object and moved very synchronously, floating above the houses.

The man saw in his area a strange object that was slowly moving over the city and was simply enormous. The bright points were very visible in the dark sky. A local resident managed to film this unusual triangle and then posted it on his YouTube channel.

Since the man had very few subscribers, for some time no one paid attention to this video, but then UFO lovers nevertheless noticed him and started posting to social networks, and from there the video got to news portals.

In the comments, users put forward a variety of versions regarding what the channel’s author managed to capture on video. Some thought they were drones, while other users suggested that they might be ordinary Chinese lanterns.

The second version was immediately criticized, because they could not move at a similar height and be so bright. The most popular version was the version about the secret American reconnaissance aircraft TR-3B, about which there are a lot of rumors today.


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