A giant spot appeared on the Sun, visible from Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — In the center of the Sun, even from the Earth, a large dark spot is visible. David J. Kriegler saw this last night at sunset over Gulf Shores, Alabama.

This is AR3190, one of the largest sunspots of the growing Solar Cycle 25. “It is almost five times the diameter of the Earth and can be seen through the thick, humid atmosphere over the Gulf of Mexico,” says Krigler.

The scale of AR3190 makes it an easy target for amateur astronomers. You don’t even need a solar telescope.

“Lightning” in the Sun

Imagine lightning half a million kilometers long. Actually, no need to imagine. On January 19, this huge plasma discharge zigzagged through the solar atmosphere, briefly connecting two sunspots AR3192 and AR3190 with a 500,000 km long discharge that makes any terrestrial lightning look like a dwarf.

A giant spot appeared on the Sun visible from Earth


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