A geomagnetic storm is raging on Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — The source of a powerful geomagnetic storm of the Kr5 level is not clear, since the blow from the recent flare will only hit the Earth on March 13th.

Sunspot AR2964 is growing, turning towards the Earth produced a class M2 solar flare. The outbreak occurred on March 11 at 2232 UT and caused a short-wave radio outage over the Pacific Ocean. Forecasters estimate there is a 25% chance of another class M outbreak on March 12.

The plasma ejection is heading straight for the Earth. Estimated time of arrival.

This CME is the result of a long-lasting C2 solar flare near sunspot AR2962. Typically, Class C flares are not considered severe. However, this flare lasted almost 12 hours, which allowed it to inject a lot of energy into the CME.

A geomagnetic storm is raging on Earth 2

After the arrival of the CME, strong G2 class geomagnetic storms are possible. During such storms, aurors can appear in the northern states of the United States from Maine to Washington, which can be observed with the naked eye. However, power grids and satellites will be largely unaffected.

A new CME model from NASA indicates an arrival time of around 1800 UT on March 13th.


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