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A geomagnetic storm has begun on Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — After a recent ejection on the Sun, a plasma cloud approached our planet, causing a Kr4 level geomagnetic storm.

The sunspot group AR2975-AR2976 is turning towards the Earth. In just half a day, more than a dozen dark nuclei were added to the sunspot group, scattered across 30,000 km of the Sun’s surface.

The newly created regions of magnetism are now colliding with each other, + and -, setting the stage for explosive magnetic reconnection. If a solar flare occurs, it will be directed towards the Earth.

Some spots of this group are huge, many times wider than the Earth. This makes them an easy target for solar telescopes. Michael Teo from Penang, Malaysia took this picture with a 9-inch refractor on March 27.


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