A fragment of the Book of the Dead was found in the Saqqara necropolis

(ORDO NEWS) — The mysterious papyrus, which was found a year ago in one of the most famous Egyptian necropolises, turned out to be part of the legendary Book of the Dead.

The artifact was called the Waziri Scroll. It is now being translated into Arabic.

The Saqqara Necropolis is an ancient cemetery that belonged to Memphis. A huge number of pyramids are located here.

In March of last year, archaeologists found 5 tombs here, which are approximately 4000 years old.

250 painted wooden sarcophagi were also found. Inside them were mummies that have been perfectly preserved to this day.

Scientists were most interested in a scroll lying in one of the tombs. The papyrus scroll contained ancient hieroglyphs, the length of the artifact was approximately 9 meters.

It was sent to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, where experts confirmed that the papyrus contained a chapter from the Book of the Dead.

Why are they talking about it after almost a year?

The fact is that researchers and museum employees were engaged in the restoration of the papyrus all this time. After carrying out all the works, it turned out that its original length was 16 meters.

In inscriptions from hieroglyphs in a dead language, scientists saw spells from the Book of the Dead. This is the first such find in the last century.

What is the Book of the Dead

The Book of the Dead is actually not a book at all, it is a collection of scrolls and individual papyri in which the ancient Egyptians wrote spells and funeral texts.

According to the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians, these texts helped the dead to travel through the afterlife, find peace and be reborn.

Today, 192 spells have already been collected, but there is no manuscript in which they were written all together.

Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities of Egypt, Mostafa Wazir, that in 2023 the exhibit will be shown at the opening of the great Egyptian Museum in Cairo.


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