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A forced smile actually makes us feel better

A forced smile actually makes us feel better

(ORDO NEWS) — When you feel a little down, you don’t feel like smiling. But according to scientists, if you just force yourself to do it, your mood will immediately rise!

Smile! You will immediately feel better!

Experts in the field of psychology have long been arguing about this: can a fake smile (that is, just facial expressions) affect our emotions. This theory even got its name: the facial feedback hypothesis.

As part of the new work, researchers from Stanford University in California have found strong evidence that this hypothesis is true.

Scientists collected data from 3,878 people from 19 countries to prove this theory. They conducted an experiment in which a third of the participants were asked to hold a pen in their mouths, another third to imitate a smile, and the last group was instructed to move the corners of their lips to their ears and lift their cheeks using only facial muscles (that is, do not put imitation happiness into this movement).

Fool yourself – smile!

In each group, half of the participants completed the task while looking at hilarious images of puppies, kittens, flowers, and fireworks, while the other half simply stared at a blank screen. When the volunteers did not perform facial exercises, they were also shown these photographs.

After each task, participants rated how happy they felt. Data analysis showed a marked increase in happiness in those who faked a smile and even moved their lips unemotionally. Although the effect was relatively small, it had a positive effect on mood.

Scientists summarize that the conscious experience of emotions must be at least partially based on bodily sensations.


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