A floating island appears in the lava lake of a Hawaiian volcano

(ORDO NEWS) — Volcano Kilauea in Hawaii is still not calm. Scientists from different parts of the world became interested in him. Some time ago, in a lake of lava, experts noticed an island that floats among the hot rocks.

The US Geological Survey has provided data that today the size of a lava lake is approximately equal to the area that can be occupied by seven football fields. Geologists have been observing the floating island since the volcanic eruption that occurred on December 20. At the moment, the island is 249 meters long and 134 meters wide. Experts can hardly explain the appearance of this island, because it is known that hot lava can melt almost everything without any problems.

When lava reaches the upper reaches of the volcano’s crater, it has time to solidify. On the basis of the collected samples, it was possible to establish that the temperature inside the volcano reaches 1200 degrees. This suggests that during the eruption, molten rocks rose to the surface from the very depths of this Hawaiian volcano.

Experts believe that the island could have formed from material that accumulated for a long time at the base of the crater, and then rose during a volcanic eruption. It is worth noting that several dozen small islands float in the lava lake, which, like a large island, are not afraid of incredibly high temperatures.


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