A firestorm covered a tenth of the Earth 13,000 years ago

(ORDO NEWS) — About 12.7 thousand years ago, a strong cataclysm occurred on Earth, which claimed thousands of species of animals and plants, and also served as the development of the last Ice Age.

According to some reports, at that time there was a major fire that engulfed about ten percent of the entire surface of the Earth in flames. The results of the study were published on the pages of the scientific journal Journal of Geology.

A group of American scientists decided to find out what caused the fire. During the study, based on the collected data, scientists determined that a major cataclysm was caused by fragments of a massive meteorite. The authors said that the initial diameter of the asteroid could reach up to one hundred kilometers.

It is reported that for their work, scientists selected samples of fire traces around the world. In total, scientists counted about 170 places where ancient markers of the past cataclysm have been preserved. As traces, scientists named such elements as carbon, nitrates, ammonia and the like.

Earlier we wrote about a study by British scientists who explained why some meteorites are dangerous for the Earth, while others are not.


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