A few days ago, the Earth’s magnetic field disappeared for a while

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The magnetosphere is a special area of ​​space around our planet. In it, the behavior of the plasma will depend on the magnetic field.

A few days ago, something very strange happened to the Earth’s magnetic field. Then there were two sufficiently strong bursts, which are likely to be repeated more. Then the ozone hole that appeared over Antarctica reached incredible sizes, which surprised even scientists.

NASA does not comment on this situation, although it is very strange that such events arose precisely at the peak of “quarantine”. One thing is certain for sure that such a behavior of the magnetic field will not lead to anything good.

Some experts suggest that soon some outbreaks of the Sun or earthquakes may occur. The worst forecast is a complete pole shift, as well as the appearance of another Sun in the sky. Experts will continue to monitor the state of the magnetic field. They will immediately inform you that something else will happen to him.


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