A farmer found a gold belt over 2000 years old in the field

(ORDO NEWS) — A Czech farmer found a real gold belt while harvesting beets in his field. The artifact is approximately 2.5 thousand years old.

It is surprising that such a treasure lay in the ground for so long and was not found earlier. The find of the Bronze Age has been perfectly preserved to this day, although not completely.

The farmer wished to remain anonymous and did not give any interviews. The man with the find turned to archaeologists in the nearest museum, which was nearby. It turned out to be the Silesian Museum in Opava.

Information about this case became known thanks to local radio. The head of the archeology department Jiri Yulka spoke about the find. Archaeologists believe that this belt was worn by someone from the elite.

It is surprising that the Czech did not want to keep the find for himself. She could bring him a lot of money. Collectors are ready to pay a large amount for such artifacts.

The person turned out to be honest and conscientious. The man immediately went to the specialists and gave the gold belt to the archaeologists from the museum.

At first, archaeologists assumed that it was a diadem, but a closer inspection made it clear that they were holding a fragment of a belt in their hands.

According to preliminary estimates, the find belongs to the Urnopol culture, which was in the Late Bronze and Early Iron Age.

The length of the belt is 49 cm, the width is 9 cm, its weight is 56.5 grams. Almost 85% of the product is made of gold, another 15% of silver and other metals.

It also has decorative elements in the shape of a rose at the end. It is possible that several details are lost.

A complete study of the belt will help to find out the truth. After studying the details of the find, Jiri came to the conclusion that it was made around the 14th century BC.

After all the research, the museum will put it on public display, and tourists will be able to see it too.


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