A farmer finds a WWII amphibious vehicle

(ORDO NEWS) — Farmer Daniel Abbott found a World War II car that had been missing for over half a century. A man discovered an unusual Buffalo amphibious car under 9 meters of clay in a local swamp. The farmer lives in Crowland (UK).

This was reported by Epoch Times.

The miracle car was lifted by 50 people. He drowned in the Lincolnshire Swamp during the construction of the dam. Now, the Briton is working to restore the car. After the renovation, Buffalo will become a landmark of the city.

The amphibious vehicle weighs 20 tons. She was considered missing for 74 years. There were a lot of rumors around this technique. However, Daniel Abbott did not lose hope. His grandfather also told him that there was an amphibious car in these parts.

The man first examined the existing records of World War II. Then he examined the area and found Buffalo. To get this giant, the technique cleared more than 4,500 thousand tons of clay from the swamp. The car has been perfectly preserved, because the clay has “preserved” it. However, restoration work is required to give it a fresh, beautiful look.


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