A dolphin spotted in Scotland has learned the ‘language’ of porpoises

(ORDO NEWS) — Kylie is a wild dolphin that lives in the waters of Scotland. Recently, experts have seen how the animal “chattered” with his adopted family of porpoises in “their language”!

Kylie belongs to the species Delphinus delphis. She has been living away from her “relatives” for 14 years now. The animal has spent so much time among porpoises (Phocoenidae) that it has begun to resemble them.

Dolphin vocalizations are similar to the shrill clicks of porpoises. Interestingly, these clicks have replaced the typical whistle that is characteristic of dolphins.

How did the scientists conduct the research?

A dolphin spotted in Scotland has learned the language of porpoises 2

Interspecies communication between Kylie and her porpoise buddies has been the subject of research by British scientists.

Experts reviewed recordings made in 2016 and 2017 using a hydrophone to study Kylie’s acoustic behavior. They wanted to compare the sounds she made when she was swimming alone with those she made when she was with porpoises.

Porpoises communicate using narrowband high frequency clicks (NBHF). Dolphins, on the other hand, like to whistle, which has never been seen among porpoises.

After reviewing the tapes, researchers realized that Kylie “definitely identifies as a porpoise.” The animal not only did not whistle like other dolphins, but even when she was alone, she used sounds reminiscent of NBHF clicks. Also, the communication between Kylie and the porpoises had a rhythm that indicated a conversation.

It is not known exactly why Kylie was separated from her own family from the start. Perhaps the reason for her isolation was illness, injury or adverse weather conditions.


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