A dolphin killed by female thongs found on a beach in Brazil

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(ORDO NEWS) — The corpse of a dolphin killed by a female thong was thrown onto the shore of a Brazilian beach. Most likely the underwear was the cause of death. It passed the fins of the dolphin, fettered his movements, and he died. Reported by The Sun.

A dolphin killed by female thongs found on a beach in Brazil 1

Local residents found a small, emaciated and wounded corpse of a dolphin on the beach in the morning. The specimen got entangled by a fin in a thong, most likely this was the reason for a long painful death.

The linen dug into the skin so hard that the dolphin developed an open wound around the fin. Due to the fact that the fin is a movable part of the body, the wound did not heal, the material cut into it harder and harder.

Veterinarians performed an autopsy on the body of a Guiana dolphin. It was a young individual, a female. Veterinarian Julia Gaglianone (one of the doctors who performed the autopsy) spoke more about how hard the animal was in its final days.

The corpse was emaciated. Due to a painful wound, the dolphin could not swim and hunt quickly. The autopsy also showed that the mammal was sick with pneumonia, parasites accumulated on the ears, and a part of the branchial network was found around the muzzle.

This terrible incident is a clear example of how a person will pollute water bodies, thereby destroying all life in the world.


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