A diabolical lie called coronavirus

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Mankind is at a loss and panic, and all this is aggravated by the media and social networks. They drive into despondency, inspire fear of the unknown, and people do not know the truth about what is happening around them – there is only a huge amount of information, words and numbers that do not clarify anything, but cause a lot of questions.

The epidemic began in Wuhan (China) in mid-December 2019 and lasted about three months, as a result of which the number of infections reached about 85 thousand, and the virus spread to other countries. Thanks to technological progress and strict laws, China was able to localize the epidemic in one region and protect the rest of the country. According to authorities, the proportion of people cured of the disease is about 90%.

The question arises: how in just three weeks did we get the current figures announced by the World Health Organization, namely a million and 300 thousand cases of infection? This is possible if only what happened to America and Europe is different from what happened to other states.

As you know, in 2013, WHO reported the death of one and a half million people in the world from tuberculosis and their infection with several million more, but we did not observe such a fuss as today. What goals does WHO set for itself, by overestimating the numbers and exaggerating the situation around the coronavirus and thereby spreading panic among the population?

There is another question that arises in connection with the situation with air traffic in Europe and the Middle East. We will see that planes fly freely, with the exception of Japan, South Korea, as well as several other Asian countries. As for air traffic in the United States of America, it remains quite intense.

It becomes interesting why it is not shrinking in a country that has announced hundreds of thousands of infected people. If these numbers are correct, and the virus is so dangerous, as the media and the World Health Organization say, is it not better to isolate and stop movements between states in order to protect their citizens, or are they of no value, unlike economic interests?

Against the background of the current chaos and suspense, one must remember that capitalism and Zionism are sides of the same coin. Capitalism has an economic dimension, and Zionism has a colonial and political dimension.

They are based on the absorption of the blood of peoples and the appropriation of their wealth by gangs of businessmen and politicians. Just 100 years ago, their main slogan was: “Lie, lie, lie!”, And people believed. It was the biggest diabolical lie with which historical Palestine was stolen and given to Zionist criminals, and its people were expelled from their own land.

Then international organizations were created that legitimized the creation of a state called Israel, which was supposed to serve the interests of financial and political groups in the United States. All for the sake of oil fields in the Arab region, rich in natural resources and strategically located.

As I wrote in my last article, Zionism and imperialism will not give up their positions in our region, so maybe the diabolical coronavirus is another lie of the Zionist gangs for the destruction of peoples, their intimidation around the world and control over them?

Maybe the leaders of most countries are nothing more than tools in the hands of these gangs, and so the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson went out to the citizens and advised them to say goodbye to their loved ones, and Trump urged the Americans to prepare for difficult times?

Perhaps fear is more dangerous for society than coronavirus, which many doctors compare to the flu. The world turned into a small village, people were isolated in isolation with themselves, the house replaced them with everything. We plunged into the virtual world and lost our physical connection with others.

There is another important point. Let us take a close look at the fierce struggle with peoples who are tired of political and economic dependence on the United States of America, including in Europe, where voices against capitalism and Zionism are increasingly heard.

Let us recall how Germany and Italy approved the idea of ​​the Chinese Silk Road, which is the main evidence of the desire of some European countries to withdraw from American subordination. Even in the United States itself, there are those who oppose capitalism and Zionism and are aware of their threat to peoples. Among the Jews, we also began to hear voices condemning Zionism and refusing to serve the interests of capitalist and colonial forces.

In our Arab societies, who led the fight against the Zionists and defeated him after the defeat of ISIS(Organization banned in the Russian Federation – Ed.) , the Zionist capitalist lobby could only scare people, lock them in their homes and start preparing for the collapse of states as a result of the collapse of the world economy. This lobby is only concerned with protecting its interests.


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